Application of new technology
   Digital Printing
 Digital Printing
 My photobook
  Scope of application
Brochures, promotion pamphlets, photo book, digital proof printing, CIS

  manual, hotel menu, hotel service guide, postcard, invitation card, product catalogue, price list, bidding documents, drawings, graduation memory book, personalized hanging calendar, desk calendar, congratulation card, business card, etc.  


Advantages of digital printing
No film needed: No film making in advance is unneeded during the printing. Direct printing is possible immediately after the design.
No limit ation of printing amount: Printing amount can vary from only one to one thousand.
Less expense: It can cut the expense of film proofing and printing down, and avoid the overstock because of its small amount of printing.
Less time: Saving the process of film and printing down, it greatly shortens the duration of printing. For some urgent needs, it can realize the delivery within 1 hour.